Thursday, May 20, 2010

VPS hosting comes between Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting

The full form of VPS is Virtual Private Server as the name refers this is a technology in which a single server acts as many virtual servers. VPS hosting can be defined between dedicated hosting and shared hosting. If dedicated server hosting is not affordable the VPS is best hosting for you because it provides better security and access of website.

The report of company performance from last some years must be well known to you. So before choosing a VPS Hosting Provider you should analyze different factors for the company for making your selection easy. At current the increasing number of companies is providing different types of hosting like VPS Hosting, shared hosting etc. But there should be a transparency in background and all terms & conditions of the company.

The physical server resources are shared by allocation with a typical manner and the owner of virtual server never feels that he is working on shared resources. All virtual servers share sources with a certain manner. The VPS sometime preferred as a method of dividing server known as Virtual Dedicated Server. In this method the dividing of a single server in many virtual is done. Any software can be installed in these servers separately because all of these servers can run its own OS (Operating System), and independently can perform rebooting.

VPS hosting has features to provide independent server from other users. In the terms of S/W (Software) VPS hosting service cost is much small then dedicated hosting service. All VPS hosing customers can use super level of access of the OS and any of software supported by OS can be installed because that OS is own copy for the VPS. But it is also possible that some software will not work proper because this software may unable to run in virtual environment. To fill the gap of dedicated web hosting and shared web hosting VPS web hosting can be used. The software which can make trouble for you are firewall and personal antivirus etc. Because of this serious problem the hosting providers of VPS apply some restrictions along with the plan. The availability of RAM and Processor remains limited due to the sharing of one physical server by many client of VPS hosting.

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