Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Remember when your page was small? Are you better owner now?

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Do you remember how you battled for every page view, how you celebrated new comments, how enthusiastic you were answering every question you get in comments? Do you act same now?
 If you own a popular page don’t let it go down. You think that you don’t need to work so hard and promote your blog or website like you did when it was small? You are terribly wrong. It is hard to get page views and easy to loose them. Promoting yourself does not only increase your traffics, but keeps them up. Why is that? Well just say that stopping promoting your page would be same as turning train’s engine off because train already goes fast. It would stop sooner or later eventually. And you don’t want that happen to your blog right?
If you think that the most important thing is always to earn more think about this: when your blog is big and known your permanent readers audience will grow fast and you might be able to save money later because you will have amazingly lots of followers. So at first most important thing should be to have as much readers as possible not to earn as much as possible at that moment. That requires a lot of patience.
Also promoting doesn’t always costs you can exchange links with other bloggers if your blog is know you can exchange links with other know bloggers or even charge not so known bloggers, for exchanging links. That’s another proof why readers not money should come first to you.
If you own a big blog you need a good hosting, good hosting usually costs. Lots of advertisements cost even more. But if you want to earn you have to invest.
Most of your website’s or blog’s readers aren’t permanent, especially if you own a blog. This rule doesn’t work for some websites, most forums etc. but if you own a blog you must promote yourself, no mater what. Usually the biggest part of your page views isn’t from your permanent readers it’s from people who accidently went to your, page probably directed from somewhere for example Google, other websites or blogs. So if you would stop promoting your self your audience would slowly start decreasing. That would mean taking steps back.
If you also have FaceBook or Twitter connected to your page and you probably do. Don’t let it sleep too take care of it.
 Also remember how you used to celebrate every new comment on your blog? Are you still active enough in your comments?
There always are new bloggers that you can meet. Also there are new bloggers that will compete with you.
Your blog continent should always be targeted to your blogs theme, because changing themes would be very risky. It would be like taking steps back. You would need to search for new readers, because your old ones wouldn’t be interested in your blog anymore. I hope I don’t even need to remind you that you shouldn’t stop updating your blog as often as you can.

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