Friday, August 13, 2010

Do you have enough income to pay you hosting bills?

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Probably you are planning on making any money from your blog and you understand that your expenses must be lower than income. That’s obvious, but what at first looks obvious later seems something that you can’t figure out.
At least half of hosting providers say that they can offer you affordable blog hosting, depending on your needs. But if you dont have loads of funds I am not sure that you acctually can afford thouse plans. You should save your money, at first choose something cheap, someting affordable, but cheap doesn‘t mean bad. At first best hosting for you is something not complocated. If hosting provider offers you something great, but you havent heard of it before are you sure you need it?
                             You will always be able to change your hosting plan to better or even change hosting company.
Be smart know what features you are really going to use. Maybe you are going to upluad a lot of videos. If so look for hosting that would fit your needs best. And even if some hosting plan at first looks worser than other, costs more, but is more targeted to your needs you should defenatly choose that one.
If you aren’t sure which is best and which is worst don’t rush you can live with cheapest one for a while. That will help you later to choose best one because you will see which features you have missed most.
Best plan is that plan that is good enough for you, not that one whit more features and certainly not the cheapest one. Balancing your needs and founds is difficult and you are never sure have you made the best choice. But you should be always sure that you haven’t made the worst one.
If your blog is going to grow you will need better and better hosting, so feeling that you have chose a plan which is too cheap will be often. But when you have that feeling it is easy to make a mistake thinking that most expensive plan will fix all your problems.
Maybe later when your blog will be big you won’t need to bother so much choosing hosting because you will have enough money to pay for a plan with all features and a lot of space, but at first choosing the right blog hosting is one of the keys to success.
There is one problem that could make things complicated. Every time you change hosting provider. You might loose some of your information, but that’s something you can survive. And changing hosting provider can be useful after all.
Hosting providers say that you shouldn’t change hosting provider unless you must to, actually that makes sense, changing only different plan will always be easer than finding a new hosting provider. But changing a plan often can’t be enough. So if hosting company offers you many different hosting plans this is a plus that you might use later.

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