Saturday, August 21, 2010

Easiest business ever reselling domains

free web hosting

I think this business is always worth giving a try, but unfortunately it’s not always profitable that’s for sure. If you want your business to be successful you will have to work hard. In my previous article I have told you “many domains are taken only because of their value to be sold”. There is one thing that you can always remember about this business: best buyer is someone who wants to create a website with your domain, domain traders will want to resell your domain so they will pay way less. That means you will have to wait a lot and everything will be slow.
If you have some imagination and experience with hosting you could try this business. After all it’s so easy all you need to do is just make sure that you are advertising your self well and wait for someone to offer you a deal.
First of all good advertising often costs, plus you have to pay for your domains hosting. You can avid paying for hosting if you choose free hosting, but free hosting always have it’s minuses. Hosting’s quality can affect your domains price. But if you decide to start this business keep reading.
                      Known company’s name in your domain will always increase your domain’s popularity. You can easily create a valuable domain by taking some famous international companies domain and changing domain’s end from “com” to any other ending for example “”. Sometimes even companies buys this kind of domains like Skype bought few domains for enormous price when they decided to expand to other countries. Probably this is the best example of making money from domains.
If you see that known company is planning on releasing a new gadget, create a domain with gadget name. For example or
                      Another good idea for your domain is creating fan pages domains for example or Famous companies name will attract you big traffics.
You might need to wait for good buyer very long for this reason I would recommend you to have many domains and never sell them cheap. If you waited one year and no one was interested in one of your domains that doesn’t mean that your domain is worthless that means that you have to wait more for a good buyer.
If you advertise your domain on forums probably only other domain traders are going to connect you, best way to find buyer for you domain is to create small website and offer your domains on it. So you can always remember this: best buyer is someone who wants to create a website with your domain, domain traders will want to resell your domain so they will pay way less.
Creating domains with famous company’s name, but with mistake will attract you some traffic to for example or but this kind of domains won’t be very expensive.  You will always earn more money if you create a new domain and then sell it compared to buying domain and reselling it, but if don’t have enough imagination look for domain on auctions. If you connect domain trader for specifically one of his domains he will think that you need his domain badly and won’t sell it cheap.

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