Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Domain is the first impression of your website

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Choosing your domain at first comes to decision what kind of page views you want more. You can choose a domain which is very universal and if you choose a universal one you will get some accident page views. And at the beginning of your website accident page views could be more then a half of your page views especially if you have high Google page rank.
Choosing something targeted will always give you more real readers who would be interested in reading your website. That would help you to grow your often readers audience. And in future targeted domain would be way more useful then universal one.
Your domain is the very first impression of your website. And as you know first impression can by so much. Maybe your website is great, but bad first impression can ruin everyone’s opinion, however good first impression can help you very much.
Bold and complicated domain certainly will attract some rebelling teens, however if your goal is to attract mature people that’s not what you are looking for. 
Probably you are expecting your page to live more then a year so you should choose targeted domain. Domain should represent your website and show what you are offering.
If your website is solid you domain should represent it. If website is childish you should try to represent childishness in your domain.
If can’t think of anything look for domains for sale. I don’t say that you should buy a domain, but you might get an idea of how your domain should sound like. Think as a costumer then you see a domain imagine how that website would look like. God knows maybe you will actually find a domain which perfectly describes your page.
Now it is often to see that good domains are already taken, but if you are planning on unique website your domain should be unique too. And unique domains usually are free because many domains are taken only because of their value to be sold. And usually these kinds of domains aren’t unique. If someone has thought about that before you it’s not so unique and usually the most expensive name probably isn’t the best. So don’t waste your money get your own idea!
Match your domain with your logo. When you type in website’s address on your left you see a little logo. Not all browsers show you that logo for example Google chrome shows it elsewhere, but most do. So creating a logo which would mach with your domain is also one of things you must do. For example when you create a website with Joomla, Joomla gives you its logo next to your domain.  So if your website has a Joomla’s logo this is a sign of ignorance.
Choosing end of hosting domain sometimes can help you to make your domain more targeted. For example: versus is more universal and is way more targeted to German readers.

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